MicroStrategy has earned $100 million since acquiring Bitcoin

The first traditional company to bet on Bitcoin, MicroStrategy, has earned $100 million in less than three months thanks to BTC.

A few months ago, the crypto world was shocked by the news that a traditional company, MicroStrategy, decided to invest some of its reserve money in Bitcoin. And just a few weeks later, the company’s decision has paid off. MicroStrategy has earned $100 million since acquiring Bitcoin, as the BTC Times account comments in today’s Tweet:

MicroStrategy Wins with Bitcoin

By all measures, MicroStrategy is a traditional company. It is dedicated to the development of its own OLAP financial intelligence software for enterprise reporting. Therefore, when the company announced in early August the purchase of more than 20,000 Bitcoin, the crypto world went crazy.

Although it is not the first company to acquire the crypto currency, since Jack Dorsey’s company, Square, already had certain reserves of the crypto asset. MicroStrategy was indeed the first company totally outside of cryptology to bet on virtual currency. It also doubled its investment in September to reach $425 million in BTC.

MicroStrategy ha ganado 100 millones de dólares en los últimos tres meses gracias al incremento en el precio de Bitcoin. Fuente: CoinDesk
MicroStrategy has earned $100 million in the last three months thanks to the increase in the price of Bitcoin. Source: CoinDesk
An investment that has undoubtedly brought great benefits to MicroStrategy. In the weeks since its first purchase of Bitcoin to date, the company has earned $100 million from the increase in BTC’s share price alone in recent days. As the BTC Times commented on its Twitter account:“Less than three months after MicroStrategy spent $425 million on Bitcoin, the firm’s investment has earned it more than $100 million in profits.

This revenue, in addition to being spectacular, would represent more than the company’s profits over the past three years. When it only achieved profits of 78 million dollars from its current operations. This demonstrates the benefits that any company betting on Bitcoin at this stage of its development can receive.